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Jan 29, 2013 6:00pm EST
campbell soup, a company known as a salty soup concern i would purchase hain and turn the whole company over to simon to run the darn thing. next up, the decker story. this one has gotten murkier. this one is said to be in talks to buy billabong also uggs the flagship brand seems played out. and so was timberland. i do not expect a good quarter from decker. but that is what happens. so, after listening to the dupont and honeywell calls. and hearing how well they are doing. i still can't believe there isn't a bidding war. taking into account the stock price. with the turning in europe perhaps at hand. maybe it won't matter. what else? that rush out of bond, remember they took in $400 billion into stock funds and attracted $14 billion in 2014. may allowed 2013's division dst, did hit it's 52 week high today. there are so many cats and dogs under the roof of this company when they could unlock so much value after breaking it up. i had thought that fortune brands would be a natural candidate for a merger. solidifying it's dominance in the housing come back. but like so many others, fortune
Jan 24, 2013 4:00am EST
which i've been advocating now with john campbell for 20 years now. and they're high. price earnings are high. and i think they're high relative to ten-year average earnings. i think the earnings are likely to be unsustainable. just the historic pattern. they tend to be wrote down. so i think the market is highly priced. not extremely highly priced, but by historical standards, highly priced now. >> so you think the expectations are too high now? >> right. >> the stocks, you know, it's interesting, companies, are they going to retain their share of gdp? >> i'm sorry, what do you mean? >> well, they've taken quite a high chuck out of ge as far as the labor force or any other force. are they going to retain -- >> well, now, this is a big -- this is historic, big changes that we're talking about. and yeah, i think there's mean reverse there, too. but the people demand -- this is the people's republic of america. inequality is getting worse. we talked a lot about this in davos. and ultimately, it's going to correct back. but i don't know when and it's getting worse in china, too, but you
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
's also delivering a -- delivering alpha conference guest speaker and charles campbell is executive director at mkm partners. barry's going to be with us for a couple hours. so i'll start with you, charles. are you a believer in the recent action that we've seen in the equity markets, and do you think it's going to continue, or has it already gone too far? >> good morning, joe. thanks for having me. i am a believer in the equity action. and here's why. economic conditions in the united states and elsewhere in emerging markets, specifically china, are not only stable but continue to improve. the forward moving average on initial claims is at a low not seen since march 2008. the ten-year treasury hit a 2% yield yesterday and that's a good sign for investors, not a bad sign. if it were there for the wrong reasons, higher cost pressures, higher inflation, stagflation, that would be a concern. but that's not the issue here. the issue here is treasury yields are moving higher because of good economic data and that's consistent with the market moving higher. i mean if you look back in the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)